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Caroline February 10, 2020

If you’ve just recently hired business painting contractors, you may be wanting to know what you are able to do to help organize the business of yours and the employees of yours for the visit of theirs.


Before the contractors get to the business of yours to start the work of theirs, ensure all of the paint colors of yours are actually finalized. This includes some colors which will be utilized for other or trim areas of your building ‘s inside and/or exterior. While you may have already discussed styles with the painting business when you originally employed them to come out and perform the job, you need to ensure you’re all on the very same page. The way, you are able to stay away from any sudden surprises or perhaps mistakes.


Once you realize what days the business painting contractors will be at the business of yours, offer the employees of yours a heads up and allow them to know what you expect from their website. Are your employees accountable for removing fragile items and artwork from the work areas of theirs or perhaps will the paint preparation take proper care of that? Should your workers park in a diverse location so there’s space for the contractors’ work truck? Make certain your expectations are totally clear so there’s no confusion.


Commercial Painting Contractors

After that take a stroll through the areas in which the painters will be doing work. Will there be any fragile things you need to eliminate and put into a secure area? How about your landscaping or perhaps any hardscaping features? Do you’ve some delicate flowers or maybe plants which must be covered up before the business painting contractors arrive?


If at all possible, be sure you designate a parking area for the painting contractors. You ought to also be certain the road or maybe sidewalk between exactly where they are going to park and your business development is sharp.


Last but not least, phone the contractors before they’re slated to start the project of yours and make sure there’s absolutely nothing else that may be carried out to help get ready for the visit of theirs. They may have suggestions or tips other for you, and there may be jobs you are able to do to prepare you had not thought of or perhaps that could be entirely different to the property of yours, project or situation. It is crucial that you remain in touch with your business painting contractors to make sure your project remains on schedule and on spending budget. And that way, in case they’ve any questions of their very own, they are able to ask you in a timely fashion.


With a bit of bit of preparing and preparation, your future painting project should run efficiently and smoothly!…

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Caroline February 10, 2020

IMPIOUS was formed in 1994 by Valle Adzic and Martin Åkesson. Later that year Robin Sörqvist joined the band. After releasing two demos with session drummers, IMPIOUS finally found Ulf Johansson, their first permanent drummer. The band recorded another demo in 1997 which resulted in a deal with Black Sun Records. The band released two albums on Black Sun and did a short tour of Holland and Belgium. A couple of years later the contract was fulfilled and the band signed a deal with Dutch label Hammerheart Records. With a new line-up, IMPIOUS recorded and released the album “The Killer” and the MCD “The Deathsquad” on Hammerheart. That’s when things started to happen for real. IMPIOUS toured Europe with NECROPHOBIC and SATARIEL and proved to be an extremely powerful live act. One of the shows basically led to a contract offer from Metal Blade Records.

Damn right, IMPIOUS signed with Metal Blade and released the album “Hellucinate” in 2004 which lead to two European tours with AMON AMARTH, several festival appearances in Europe and Japan, and one Japanese tour with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER.

In the autumn of 2006 the band recorded “Holy Murder Masquerade” at Studio Deadline, which is owned by band member Valle Adzic. It’s been a while since the last album… but IMPIOUS are back stronger and more powerful than ever!!!…

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Caroline February 10, 2020

HOLY MURDER MASQUERADE TRACKLIST: 1. The Confession 2. Bound To Bleed (For A Sacred Need) 3. T.P.S. 4. Bloodcraft 5. Holy Murder Masquerade 6. Death On Floor 44 7. Slaughtertown Report 8. Three Of One 9. Everlasting Punishment 10. Purified By Fire 11. Dark Closure

Metal Blade Records – 2007


HELLUCINATE TRACKLIST: 1 – Inject 2 – Wicked Saints 3 – Infernique 4 – Hellucinations 5 – Show Me Your God! 6 – Death_Wish_Scar 7 – Toxic Paranoia 8 – Needles Nervosa 9 – Bloodspill Revelation 10 – Suicide Park

Metal Blade Records – 2004

DEATHSQUAD – (MCD) TRACKLIST: 1 – The Deathsquad (Album Version) 2 – Extreme Pestilence (Re-Recorded) 3 – Trapped Under Ice (Metallica) 4 – Soldiers Of Hell (Running Wild) 5 – Live Wire (Mötley Crüe) 6 – Dead Eyes Open (Demo 2001) 7 – The Deathsquad (Demo 2001)

Hammerheart Records – 2003

THE KILLER TRACKLIST: 1 – Intro 2 – Burn The Cross 3 – Dead Eyes Open 4 – Caught In Flesh 5 – The Deathsquad 6 – Sick Sex Six 7 – The Hitman 8 – Kill For Glory 9 – Stabbed 69 Times 10 – Needles Of Sin 11 – Digital Devil

Hammerheart Records – 2002

TERROR SUCCEEDS TRACKLIST: 1 – Soulexcursion 2 – Terror God 3 – Retaliation 4 – Nuclear Storm Demise 5 – The Punishment 6 – Dimension Hell 7 – Black Death 8 – Diseased 9 – The Loss Of Life 10 – Nightmare Resurrection

Blacksun Records – 2000

EVILIZED TRACKLIST: 1 – Dying I live 2 – Don’t Kiss My Grave 3 – Born To Suffer 4 – Haven (A Leap In The Dark) 5 – Facing The Nails 6 – Anthem For The Afflicted 7 – The Failed Paradise 8 – Painted soul 9 – Extreme Pestilence 10 – Inside 11 – Evilization

Blacksun Records – 1998…

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Caroline February 10, 2020

Martin Åkesson / Vocals

Year of birth: 1976
Member sience: 1994

Robin Sörqvist / Guitar and Backing vocals

Year of birth: 1980
Member sience: 1994


Valle Adzic / Guitar
Year of birth: 1979
Member since: 1994

Erik Peterson / Bass
Year of birth: 1980
Member since: 2000


Mikke Norén / Drums
Year of birth: 1984
Member since: 2002

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Caroline February 10, 2020

Never seen Impious live? You poor bastards. Anyway, you can watch two live tracks on Youtube, recorded at the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival in Worcester, USA. 
< Purified by fire > and < Wicked saints > Taken from the “Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary” DVD
2008.02.14 / 
Unfortunately the festival in Belgium on April 5th has been cancelled. No further info has been given to us. This means there will be no shows in the Benelux region that weekend. We are very sorry for that. A lot of people especially from Belgium have been writing to us and letting us know they looked forward to seeing the show. We hope you people will get a new chance after this summer. Or you will simply have to take a short trip to Holland in February/March.
We also wanna thank all the people who supported us in Osnabrück the other weekend! We didn’t expect much, but you proved to be a very cool crowd indeed!!!

In other news, the new songs are taking shape and we even have a working title for the album. Are you ready? We’re probably gonna call it “Numbers”. Why? Well, we don’t feel like explaining ourselves right now. And besides, it might change 10 times by the time the album is out. As far as the music goes it will be the hardest Impious album by far. No more bullshit. This one will simply rip you apart like a pissed oversized pitbull on drugs. Oh yes my friends, you will see. Enough said.
2007.11.23 / 
It’s high time for some shows! We’re heading down to Holland and Belgium in February/March and then again in April. Check the > tour < section for more info.
2007.08.18 / 
We’re home from Summer Breeze and we had a blast! Meeting all friends from Necrophobic, The Black Dahlia Murder, Amon Amarth, Disillusion and many more, was real fun. It almost felt like a summer camp, but with lots of beer and booze. Thanx to all crazy bangers that showed up at our show! We had an awesome time!!!
2007.08.14 / 
We will be signing Albums and other stuff at 16:00 on Thursday at Summer Breeze Open Air

We are back from the brilliant Stonehenge Festival in Holland and we had a great time. Thanks to all the guys who showed up!
2007.07.24 / 
Yo muddafukkaz! New site is up and running… F I N A L L Y ! ! !
Don’t worry, the asshole who handled the whole thing is now dead and eaten.
We got the hang of it now, so expect this site to be updated regularly.

So what’s up at the Impious camp you ask? First up are Stonehenge Festival in Holland and Summer Breeze Festival in Germany. We also hope to tour Europe in the fall, but nothing is booked yet.

We would also like to thank everybody who came out and banged their head at our first …

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