Caroline February 10, 2020

Never seen Impious live? You poor bastards. Anyway, you can watch two live tracks on Youtube, recorded at the New England Metal And Hardcore Festival in Worcester, USA. 
< Purified by fire > and < Wicked saints > Taken from the “Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary” DVD
2008.02.14 / 
Unfortunately the festival in Belgium on April 5th has been cancelled. No further info has been given to us. This means there will be no shows in the Benelux region that weekend. We are very sorry for that. A lot of people especially from Belgium have been writing to us and letting us know they looked forward to seeing the show. We hope you people will get a new chance after this summer. Or you will simply have to take a short trip to Holland in February/March.
We also wanna thank all the people who supported us in Osnabrück the other weekend! We didn’t expect much, but you proved to be a very cool crowd indeed!!!

In other news, the new songs are taking shape and we even have a working title for the album. Are you ready? We’re probably gonna call it “Numbers”. Why? Well, we don’t feel like explaining ourselves right now. And besides, it might change 10 times by the time the album is out. As far as the music goes it will be the hardest Impious album by far. No more bullshit. This one will simply rip you apart like a pissed oversized pitbull on drugs. Oh yes my friends, you will see. Enough said.
2007.11.23 / 
It’s high time for some shows! We’re heading down to Holland and Belgium in February/March and then again in April. Check the > tour < section for more info.
2007.08.18 / 
We’re home from Summer Breeze and we had a blast! Meeting all friends from Necrophobic, The Black Dahlia Murder, Amon Amarth, Disillusion and many more, was real fun. It almost felt like a summer camp, but with lots of beer and booze. Thanx to all crazy bangers that showed up at our show! We had an awesome time!!!
2007.08.14 / 
We will be signing Albums and other stuff at 16:00 on Thursday at Summer Breeze Open Air

We are back from the brilliant Stonehenge Festival in Holland and we had a great time. Thanks to all the guys who showed up!
2007.07.24 / 
Yo muddafukkaz! New site is up and running… F I N A L L Y ! ! !
Don’t worry, the asshole who handled the whole thing is now dead and eaten.
We got the hang of it now, so expect this site to be updated regularly.

So what’s up at the Impious camp you ask? First up are Stonehenge Festival in Holland and Summer Breeze Festival in Germany. We also hope to tour Europe in the fall, but nothing is booked yet.

We would also like to thank everybody who came out and banged their head at our first show in the US, at the Metal Blade 25th Year Anniversary (New England Metal And Hardcore Festival). We had a blast!! Check out some photos > here <

Oh, and by the way, go pick up Holy Murder Masquerade if you haven’t already. That’s an order!